Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) & Advice

Boudoir photography in Las Vegas with black lingerie. Sexy black lingerie for sexy photos.

Q: Many of the women on your website look like models, am I ready for a boudoir shoot?

A: It is perfectly normal to be nervous and compare ourselves to others.  With my direction and help leading up to your boudoir session, you will be well prepared and confident.  Everyone you see in my photos are everyday woman expressing themselves just like you will.  With my experience and style I ensure the best photos and experience together.

Q: Who will be present during my boudoir shoot?

A: I try to keep your session as private as possible.  With this I prefer and allow the makeup artist if on site the chance to stay for touch ups and beauty enhancements.  I also am happy to bring along my female assistant upon request.  With regard to a loved one or a friend, I prefer to not have anyone not included in the shoot respect your privacy for the shoot.  In the past I have found it more of a distraction than helpful during any shoot.  If you have any questions regarding this topic we can discuss this upon reserving your session together.

Q: How far out should I reserve my session?

A: This depends on a couple factors.  Are these photos for any special occasion?  If so how soon is that occasion and what is the urgency of these photos?  Most of my clients order one of our beautiful boudoir books or presentation portfolio for themselves or loved one which take time to design and have in hand.  I suggest 2 months in advance if possible to allow time for proofing and creating the finished presentation for your images to deliver.  Photos will  be ready within 3 weeks for us to preview and select your product orders.

Q: What are the differences between Boudoir and Beauty Portraits?

A: Boudoir Photography, is a beautiful and intimate style of photography Adam Trujillo has specialized in for years.  Wardrobe including lingerie, loungewear, intimate apparel or nothing at all.  Consider Boudoir more raw, candid and unposed looking (although have no fear I am great at direction and will help make our time together effortless.).  Boudoir should empower your feminine beauty and confidence in yourself as a stunning woman.  Of course we offer couple boudoir sessions if you are looking for another style of intimacy for your photos.  Also since these photos are more revealing than other portraits we will take the extra time to ensure any imperfections we feel should be retouched will be in the images before seen while preserving your natural beauty and not removing anything extra or enhancing unless requested upon to do so in your order.  Our image proofs will have a range of full body and close up shots to mix the texture and feel for your final results from this beautiful photo session together.  Lighting ranges from soft daylight tones to dramatic moody lighting to portray our goal as planned prior to our session.

Beauty Portraiture, are more of studio quality portraits that can have similar traits of boudoir and fashion together.  Styles may include looks with flowing dresses, fabric draping, body suits and fine art even nudity.  These styled photos more often will include imagery from the waist up and a select few full body as the feeling and emotion from these is worked with flow of body and facial expression.  We offer digital and also as an add on a mix of instant film to enhance the delivery of the final product.  This style can be photographed with studio back drops, outdoors or in an intimate setting similar to boudoir.

Q: I would like to reserve a boudoir session.  Where will we shoot at?

A: Currently we do not have a studio for boudoir sessions, as I tend to find I admire working in alternate locations to deliver a unique shoot for each person I work with.  More often than not we shoot at a hotel or inside the clients home depending on style of shoot we have discussed and looks desired to achieve.   Privacy and time is always the deciding factor on locations options which we will discuss more upon reserving your session together.

Q: What should I wear?

A: A common and great question to ask.  I am always happy to offer what i feel may be best for your shoot.  For boudoir I always suggest multiple at least 4 looks and a mix of lacy, textured and sheer bodysuits and other styled bralette and panty looks.  Upon booking I will send you a few links to view what I think is beautiful as I don’t always lean towards corsets and restricting garments as these can leave unwanted lines and impressions on the body.  I also like to mention natural soft colors are best, almost muted or pastel colors.  Black and white are always great color choices, bold primary colors I feel can at times take away from the softness of photos.  You should feel sexy and beautiful in no matter how much or how little you are wearing.  Your confidence will show in every photos so don’t overthink your shopping.

Q: What do your packages include? How much should I expect to invest on my photo order?

A: I offer a few options from A LA Carte to Full day coverage.  Each include certain savings and credits depending on your needs.  Which we will discuss together once we reserve a session.  On average clients may spend as little as $500 on a gift or keepsake.  Options include a romantic book, presentation box of elegantly mounted photos.  From there the options are customizable and unique to you and your presentation.

*Please contact us to learn more and reserve your boudoir shoot.  We want these stunning images to forever be a special moment you cherish and adore for a lifetime.  For that reason we take the time to get to know your needs leading up to your session together.   To better help prepare for your photo session and its success.

Beautiful Las Vegas Boudoir photography in natural light. Beautiful black lingerie for boudoir pictures.