Adam Trujillo


Welcome to NovaLyric.   

I am a Portrait Photographer the appreciates the beauty we all have inside.  Through my portraiture and style of photography, I will capture feeling and mood in every single picture.  

NovaLyric is two pieces of my heart and passion that motivates me everyday to create art from beauty.  Photography is more than a photo.  What i want to deliver to you is a look every woman wanst to see and feel.  Beauty is all around us and we should never be to shy to allow ourselves to express ourselves in such vulnerable ways.  

Personal facts about me you may like to know.  I am born and raised in Las Vegas.  A loving Father to two amazing little men.  I love the art of photography for the passion and story in every photo.  My photography journey started over 10 years ago and became my passion to tell a story behind my lens.  A wedding.  A portrait. A moment in everyday life.  Boudoir styled beauty photography is an art and a feeling.  I love to bring that out in our time together during your portrait session. 

Thank you,

Adam Trujillo (NovaLyric)